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Lesson 4 – How To Become An Authorized User

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About This Lesson

This very often will Raise a credit score very fast. 


You have someone add the person on as an authorized user to a credit card. 


Now here is the parameters you want for the card. 


  • Open for a long time.  The Longer the better.
  • A Higher Credit Limit but a Lower Balance.   Absolute must that the balance is not over 25% of the Limit.  Limit does not matter.  So it could be a 300 limit with 50 on it open 3 years. 
  • Never Paid Late
  • Has Some Balance on it.  It’s ok to add a balance to it. 
  • reporting to all three credit bureaus.
  • They must ask you for your social security number when they add you on.   


When your added on, the company will send you a card in the mail. 


It’s not necessary to charge anything on it.


  • Ask Friends and Family If they have any Open Credit Cards
  • Locate a Credit Card that has been open a long time and has a small balance on it compared to the limit. 10% is preferable
  • Make sure this credit card reports to all three credit bureaus
  • Have the person add you on as an authorized user. Let me Know when the credit card Arrives in the Mail.

This Lesson will teach you how to increase your credit score by having friends of family add you on to their open credit cards as an authorized user.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Progress 30%