Lesson 3 – Set Up Free Credit Monitoring

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One thing when you are fixing your credit that is extremely important is monitoring your progress.


Until recently that costed money.  but now the services are moving to not charging you and then trying to sell you everything


in the website.  so before it tell you this DON’T BUY ANYTHING.  You don’t have to


Ok now go to http://creditkarma.com and sign up.  


Here’s why.  It monitors all your credit activity and will email you when things change. 


Disgregard the scores they are consumer scores and not mortgage scores.


It is awesome though because when you pay down cards or something we have no idea


(unless you ask the creditor)  when that new information will report and your score will change


With Creditkarma   they will email you real time as the bureaus and scores change. Then just forward big changes to me. 




  • Sign up For Credit Karma It's Free!!
  • Email me if you receive alerts that the score has changed.
  • Remember the Credit Karma Score is usually higher than your real mortgage score.
  • Once you see a large Jump let me know so we can repull your mortgage credit

This Lesson will which collections affect your scores and how to negotiate to have them completely removed.

Duration: 4 Minutes

Progress 25%