Lesson 5 – Pay only Revolving Credit Cards Down to $1 to Boost Your Scores

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About This Lesson

Today’s Lesson is super simple,

The fastest way to increase a credit score is lower your balances on revolving

 Credit Cards

So for Example;

If you have a Visa that has a Limit of $1000 and you owe $900 on it,

It is hurting your score

To increase your score pay it down to 10% or 25% ($100 or $250)  and your score will skyrocket

Don’t pay it off.    Never Close them

When Trying to build a score keep a small balance on all cards. 

If you have a card at 0 put 10 bucks on it and let it revolve

This is only while you are working on your credit

Later you can pay them all to 0 to avoid interest.  Right now your building credit. 


  • Check your credit to see if your credit cards are maxed out
  • Pay those balances down to 10% but now less than $1
  • Do not Close or Payoff the credit cards or revolving accounts
  • Email me what you have paid down when you do it
  • Call the creditor and ask them the day of the month that they report to the credit bureaus

This Lesson will teach you how to raise your score by paying credit cards down.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Progress  35%